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Our mission is simple:

"We are here to inform, instruct, and to give a vast array of tools and resources to help you inwhatever way necessary to get your marriage on track where it needs to be."

Enough of the "status-quo" already!


Marriage For Today seeks to implement all available tools and resources that may help and impact your marriage in some way to push it in the direction of closeness.

Wherever your marriage is at, it can always be enriched, encouraged and equipped to be as loving, close-knit and strong as possible.

That's why we exist.

There's lots of books with those who posess Doctorate degrees, but we have been there, done that, got the T-shirt and seek practical solutions that may shed light on what's happening. We encourage any type of help, research, counseling and therapy; whatever it takes for your marriage to get on track.... we are advocates! Let us help you get there!

Who Are We?
Mike & Trisha Fox, Marriage Coaches

Authors, speakers, columnists and editors, Mike & Trisha Fox continue to purse in turning their Passion into their Profession.

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We have compiled articles, resources, links and helps to assist you in your quest on bettering your marriage relationship.

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We have a passion to see your marriage healthy!


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Our philosophy is simple and clear. Anything we need to do to be closer to our spouse is what we need to do. From hectic schedules to ministries; marriage must be first.

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We are honored to partner with those who support the importance of marriage.

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